August 4, 2012

Welcome to The Daily Acquisition

In accordance with proper social media etiquette, I'll begin this here blog with a quick explanation of what, why, etc.  "The Daily Acquisition" refers to my bad habit of getting sucked into the vortex of consumerism, hobbyism, and product purchasing, which has become far too easy these days, especially with the abundance of information available on the Internet.  You can call it OCD, anal retentiveness, Acquisition Disorder, Possession Obsession, Disturbing, or whatever.

Take, for example, headphones, earbuds, and earphones.  Most people are content with whatever earbuds are given for free with, say, an iPod.  Good for them.  Unfortunately for me, I want good headphones even though I listen to crappy music at times.  This leads down the rabbit hole of online research related to headphones:  reading Amazon reviews; reading other blogs that discuss audio gear and headphones; and reading "headphone enthusiast" websites and forums (umm, like Head-Fi) for hours on end.  This in turn, leads to analysis paralysis and, ultimately, a purchase.  Which then initiates the downward spiral into headphone hell, all in an attempt to find the best possible headphones that satisfy all of my needs (including budgetary needs).

How does this end?  It doesn't.  It leads to more time wasted on the Internet, visiting stores, buying stuff, selling stuff, re-buying stuff, re-selling stuff, and collecting stuff.

More details to come.

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