August 26, 2012

The Process (Continued)

I already explained the overall acquisition process here, but wanted to supplement the process a little. The original flow chart does not adequately illustrate the fact that I tend to become somewhat knowledgeable in a number of typically meaningless or strange areas, but fall very short of becoming an expert or power user in any one of those areas. I will devote a lot of time and effort to get up to speed and familiar with some random and (to most people) ridiculous topic, such that I can truthfully say that I'm "interested" in the subject. I might become more involved with something to the point where it elevates to "hobby" status, but that doesn't occur very often. I suppose my goal is to discover interesting things (whether they are cool, trendy, geeky, or obscure) and get fairly educated about them to the point where I can spend a little bit of money on something that might brighten the usual day-to-day mundane work week. I guess I'm cheap and want to get the most bang for my buck. So, I'll develop at least a baseline understanding of a topic such that I can BUY and enjoy something without getting too obsessed or ridiculously committed.

This behavior often results in loss of interest and boredom with a subject, sometimes followed by renewed interest, and so on. This explains why most of my posts thus far relate to pens. Really? Pens? Well, yeah, because pens are the current hot topic here at The Daily Acquisition. I'll get over the pen phase soon enough and will turn to something else.

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