Huh? What?

What the heck is this blog about? It is about various trivialities, mundanities, and miscellanea. It's also about certain particular and/or peculiar interests of mine (some of which are shared by others). I guess this blog is also a vehicle for bragging about cool stuff that I acquire from time to time, and for sharing the crazy thought processes that often accompany the acquisition of such stuff.

The first entry in this blog provides a good introduction and overview. That entry can be found here.

Another entry in this blog describes my typical acquisition process in a way that proves I'm a lunatic. That entry can be found here. A brief follow up entry about the acquisition process can be found here.

I am currently liking: interesting and high quality writing instruments and related items; mechanical keyboards and related items; pocket knives; everyday carry items and related theories; traditional wet shaving gear; good (properly roasted) coffee and coffee brewing equipment; Japanese green tea and related brewing equipment; skateboarding; high quality denim jeans and associated craziness; equipment, software, and gear related to music playback (e.g., digital audio players, headphones, computer-based audio, and hi-fi equipment).

In contrast, I dislike: anything not listed above.

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