August 23, 2012

Valet Tray

This is a perfect example of the acquisition snowball effect. I've recently become slightly interested in the EDC concept, which basically means that you ought to carry as much usually-needless crap on your person to be prepared for those unusual situations where you actually need that crap. So, instead of merely carrying a wallet, keys, a few coins, and a phone on a daily basis, my EDC haul now includes an assortment of gear. I used to stash EVERYTHING on a little keychain shelf in the hallway. Life was simple back then (OK, just a few months ago, but whatever). Simple. Well, I outgrew that little shelf and didn't like seeing all of my EDC items randomly strewn on the counter top, my dresser, my nightstand, etc.  Problem solved with a quick visit to Amazon (have I mentioned that Amazon Prime is the Devil?), where I found this here "Ryan 10" Valet Tray" for a more than reasonable $17.95.

This is Ryan
OK, "valet tray" is just a manly way of saying <cough cough> "jewelry box" for man gear; I get it. Note that I was actually about to pull the trigger on a more ridiculous tray that was closer to $50.00, but in a moment of strength and power overcame my usual compulsive purchasing behavior and "settled" for the less expensive and more practical item you see in the picture.

As you can see, my friend Ryan has a few stash pockets, one larger pocket with a lid, and a coin compartment that looks like a micro skateboarding halfpipe. The curved profile makes it easier to swipe your coins outta there - brilliant! Now everyone is happy, and each EDC item has its own little home away from me.

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