August 18, 2012

Keyboard Facelift

I managed to find some time to install the keycaps mentioned here. I had to close my office door to muffle the sound of the clattering keycaps and to keep my geekdom secure. I won't bore you with the details or provide any "how to" tips. Rather, I'll let you see for yourself. The standard Filco Tenkeyless keyboard with Cherry blue switches is great, although the basic black keycaps are a little drab. Every now and then I'll get all worked up and deem myself ready for a big change in life . . .

For example, I might decide to swap out the stock escape key for something with a little more flair:

Boom! Add a fancy escape key and reinvigorate your life! I usually keep that skull on the keyboard for only a few days before I remove it, polish it with a new microfiber cloth, and return it to a safe deposit box. Swapping out the escape key now and then is no big deal. Installing an entire set of keycaps, however, can take awhile. So I took a half-day off, rolled up my sleeves, and tackled this immense project the other day. Step one: remove the stock keycaps.

Step one is actually 87 little steps. Step two: install 87 new keycaps, step back, and feast your eyes on THIS:

I really like this look, but will probably change it after I grow tired of it or when another colorway grabs my attention.


  1. Cool! Most of us work with the computer the whole day to make a living or for recreation. Either way, tapping on the same keyboard can sometimes get boring. This can make the keyboard more exciting and can also be a platform for one's creativity.

    Lance Vartanian

  2. Wow amazing yellow key mod! May I ask where you acquired this piece of art? I modded my QPad now with O-rings and need such a final touch like yours...

    1. That key is a Click Clack skull. They are hard to come by and are collectible. If you are really interested in getting one, search for some relevant threads on the Geek Hack forum.