September 15, 2012

Another Keyboard Facelift

Well, my latest and greatest keyboard layout didn't last very long. I still think the red and white colorway is outstanding. Unfortunately, those key caps are not compatible with my o-ring switch dampers, which are used to attenuate the normally clicky-clacky sound of my mechanical keyboard. The first picture illustrates the issue. On the left is one of the red-on-white key caps, in the middle is one of my white ninja key caps, and on the right is another ninja key cap with an o-ring installed on the switch stem. Notice how the ninja key caps have cross-shaped reinforcement bars near the switch stems? Well, those bars are critical for proper o-ring sound dampening. In contrast, the red-on-white key cap lacks anything that remotely resembles the reinforcement bars. This means that o-rings installed on the killer looking red-on-white key caps make absolutely no audible or tactile difference! Damn. I really wanted to try my Filco keyboard with the o-rings. No worries . . . just do another keyboard facelift!

I already had the set of white ninja key caps, so all I had to do was remove the Red Alert set, install the o-rings on the ninja set, and install the ninja key caps onto the keyboard. No big deal. The ninja key caps are full of awesomeness, too. Check them out. That's right, they are clean and stealthy. Perfect for someone who is an expert touch-typist. I mean, only rookies need legends printed on their key caps, right? Maybe. I guess. These key caps are "ninja" style for a reason that will be revealed after the jump. [Edit: jumps are silly; removed it]

As shown in the third picture, the ninja key caps have side-printed legends that are obvious and easy to read when viewed from the front. An added bonus is that the printed legends will not disappear after use. That said, the top of the white key caps get scummy and dirty in a matter of days, especially if you are a scummy dirty person who doesn't wash up often.

I realize that it's too soon to make a final decision, but I do like the feel and sound of the keyboard with the o-rings installed. I really wish the Red Alert set had the cross bar reinforcements on them!


  1. You can buy thicker O-rings that would probably work.

  2. Yeah, or stack two thin ones together.

  3. I want that! What do I have to buy to get such a keyboard?

    1. 1. Buy a mechanical keyboard that uses Cherry MX switches.

      2. Buy the set of white ninja keycaps and replace the original keycaps with the white ninja keycaps.

      If you are serious, you should check out