November 11, 2013

The Wide World Of Shaving Stuff

One thing that I like about my traditional wet shaving routine is that the shaving products (shave soap, shaving cream, aftershave splash) don't need to be replenished for a very long time and, when necessary to do so, they are relatively inexpensive to acquire. Moreover, double edge razor blades are ridiculously cheap in comparison to something like the Gillette Fusion cartridges, which cost around $3.00 apiece.

I had to restock some basic shaving supplies recently, and got what I believe are three "best in class" products. Interestingly, the products originate from all over the globe: England (Truefitt & Hill shaving cream); Japan (Feather razor blades); and Italy (Proraso aftershave splash).

The shaving cream is the "1805" version from Truefitt & Hill, named after the year the company was founded in London. Truefitt & Hill products are all top quality, and this shaving cream is very good - slick and thick lather, nice smell, rinses clean and easily.

Moving further down into Europe we come to Italy, where one can find Ferrari automobiles, leaning towers, and Proraso. This Italian brand makes a number of shaving products, including this awesome mentholated alcohol-laden splash. The scent isn't overpowering, which is one reason that I like it so much.

Traveling east into Asia, we arrive in Japan. Simply put, Feather double edge razor blades are the sharpest and bestest blades that you can find. They are a little pricey relative to other DE blades, but they are still much less expensive than modern multi-blade cartridges.

As of the date of this post, a pack of ten blades (shown above) can be had for about $4.50. I usually change blades once a week, so the cost per shave is minimal. If you are willing to buy in bulk, the cost per blade becomes even more economical.

So . . . there are twenty packs in that box, for a total of 200 super sharp blades. I'm all set for about four years now.

By the way, good shaving supplies are also produced in countries such as the United States, Portugal, Spain, Russia, Germany, Canada, Korea, etc. This stuff is available all over the world.

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