June 27, 2013

Skateboard Deck By Craig Driscoll

Photo: Craig Driscoll
And now for something completely different . . . tattoo art. I admit that I find tattoos and tattoo art (if done well) very intriguing. That said, I do not have tattoo acquisition disorder due to: (a) the extremely high cost of tattoos rendered by top-flight artists; (b) the permanence of tattoos; and (c) the pain that usually accompanies tattoos. Speaking of top-flight artists, I consider Craig Driscoll to be one of them. I've always liked his tattoo designs, paintings, and artwork, especially his skateboard deck pieces. In fact, I was going to buy one of his decks a few years ago, but he sold it a few days before I had a chance to make an offer. So bummed.

Skip ahead (or back) to a couple of months ago. I was randomly checking out Craig's website, and I saw that he had some cool skateboard decks for sale once again. I contacted him to discuss the artwork, chit chat, blah blah blah, and ultimately commissioned him to create an original deck for me. I wasn't 100% set on a design, and I decided to let him choose between a snake design or a koi design. That's about all the input I gave him; I wanted the finished artwork to be a surprise.

The original, hand painted, piece of awesomeness is shown in the picture. The logo at the top is Craig's signature, and the bright blue painted highlights and paint splatters are intentional. I love this skateboard deck! If anyone is wondering, the answer is "HELL NO." I will not be riding this board; it lives on the wall, where it will remain indefinitely.