April 27, 2013

Kinunu Coffee

Outside The Bag
I was in the Phoenix area recently, and had time to stop by one of the best coffee shops in Arizona: Cartel Coffee Lab. They roast their own coffee, pull decent shots of espresso, and know how to make a proper cup of pour-over coffee. Win, win, and . . . win. I ordered a macchiato and it was a PROPER macchiato, not one of those ridiculous milkshake like concoctions you'll get at Starbucks. I also picked up a bag of freshly roasted beans. I usually like African coffees, so I decided to buy the Kinunu coffee. The description on the label may be a little confusing to most sane people, but it's full of juicy details for coffee geeks.

Inside The Bag
I made a cup of this Kinunu coffee using my Clever Coffee Dripper, and the brew was outstanding. I really noticed the sweet candy-like aftertaste that remained well after drinking each sip. I'm happy that I bought a bag of this coffee, but I'm sad that I won't be able to acquire more without having to pay for shipping. I highly recommend this coffee, and highly recommend the roaster: Cartel Coffee Lab. Pay them a visit the next time you are in Arizona!

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